When Governor Cuomo called on New Yorkers to help him spread the message about the importance of wearing a mask in public to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we got to work. A recent post on Campaign US featured our entry. Here's our part of the article in case you missed it:

Andrew Cuomo put out the call -- and many have already answered.

The New York governor challenged people to submit a 30-second ad explaining why wearing face mask is essential amid this pandemic.

He credited his daughter, Mariah, for coming up with the free-to-enter contest.

"Maybe there's a better way to communicate it than I have been communicating it," Cuomo said. "We're talking about that one percent, so maybe I just haven't been persuasive or effective enough in my communication skills."

Here’s what three completely different advertising agencies are bringing to the table.


Circus Maximus

All New Yorkers live and die by Mahattan’s long list of unwritten rules, like never bothering a bodega cat, always walking fast and never eating a slice with cutlery.

Now there’s a new one: Wear a mask when a global pandemic takes hold, stupid!