Feature Friday

July 9, 2020

In this week's Feature Friday, Jayda B. chatted with New Zealand based Illustrator and Animator, Odessa Coleman. We spoke quickly about her process and what currently inspires her.

Jayda B. - What's your Process?

Odessa Coleman - I like jotting my ideas down on a pad before I get settled on the keyboard. I find that I do my brainstorming better that way. I’ll just scribble my ideas and then refine them on the computer. I really try to get into the heart of what I’m trying to convey with the imagery, like what kind of emotions do I want to show and I focus on that in terms of how I interpret the imagery.

J - Where do you draw inspo from when creating your own work?

O - Everyday life mostly. I like to go on long nature walks or sometimes I’ll pull from conversations with friends. Everyday observations, everyday life inspires me in general. Dancing and listening to music helps me pull inspiration as well.

J - Why art?

O - My grandmother inspired me to become an artist. She did a lot of animation and art but gave it up to become a mother. She always used to show me what she used to do and that inspired me to follow in her footsteps with illustration and animation.

J - Favorite type of project?

O - Meaningful projects focused on issues that I care about. I like showing illustrations that have emotion or focus on human connection.

J - What's your mantra?

O - “Don’t ask, don’t get”

I never used to put my hand up in class and I always regretted that. I try to push myself now to not feel bad about asking lots of questions and approaching others.

J - Any advice to the next generation?

O - Live your truth and always trust your gut.

J - Do you recommend any other artists?

O - @jacq_lai & @_janetmac