August 23, 2019

Why Ryan Kutscher Joined the Circus

Why Ryan Kutscher Joined the Circus


Our Co-Founder Ryan Kutscher was recently featured on AdAge's podcast Ad Lib discussing 'illegal' freelancing, the project economy and why trying to re-create CPB was a mistake. Read the article below if you missed it, click here for the audio.

If it hadn't been for a one-credit course in college, Ryan Kutscher might have become a chef. He had plans to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America until Sean Fitzpatrick came to speak at his class at William & Mary. Fitzpatrick, a famed McCann creative known for campaigns such as "Heartbeat of America," fired Kutscher up, and he says "the rest is history."

Today, Kutscher is co-founder of Circus Maximus, a New York agency that counts Angry Orchard, Justworks and Roman among its clients. The 6-year-old shop was built for a project-led world and specifically styled for a freelance economy.

In this week's Ad Lib podcast, Kutscher discusses his early career at Crispin Porter & Bogusky (including being mistaken for a member of the IT department and the creation of "Whopper Freakout"); his promiscuous freelance career ("I triple booked. I think was it illegal"); and his brief tenure as chief creative officer at JWT New York ("I was 32. It was a bad idea").

Kutscher also discusses the formation of his shop and its myriad compensation models. He explains how the agency business—and the necessary skill set to succeed in it—has changed.

Oh, and he divulges why his dog was banned from WeWork.

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